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  • 85+ corporations work with us worldwide
  • 89% of the Fortune 500 went out of business between 1955 and 2014
  • 75% of the S&P 500 will be replaced by 2027
  • 59% of CEOs worry about being disrupted by a new entrant into their industry

Struggling to keep up with today's innovation? We can help.

RocketSpace's innovation consultancy has helped more than 85 brands worldwide transform into modern corporations. RocketSpace knows disruptive trends, innovation business models, and startups that impact corporations today, tomorrow and beyond. With access to nearly 200 startups on its San Francisco campus and access to thousands around the world, its Corporate Innovation Services team specializes in helping its clients lead the disruption in their industry.

Solutions for Your Every Step

RocketSpace Corporate Innovation Services offers a suite of solutions to help corporations better leverage the startup tech ecosystem to strengthen their innovation process from start to finish. Our approach drives corporations to learn about, work like, and work with startups throughout the innovation process.

Our solutions:

  • Collective
  • Startup Discovery + Pilot
  • Industry Accelerators + Pilots
  • Build Labs
  • Innovation Workshops
  • “RocketSpace is a key partner in our ‘Shape the Future’ program, helping to identify new technologies and business models, accelerate our projects, and bridge the gap between corporate and start-up culture. Not only is it purposeful and to the point, it is a very enjoyable partnership. Our participants are simply delighted!“ Alexandre Pelletier Head of Innovation, Tata Communications

  • “RocketSpace was the only company in the space we found that had a startup and corporate innovation focus. As our corporate innovation team worked directly with startups, it was ideal to have both facets of our roles all rolled into one!” Diana Stepner VP Innovation + Partnerships Programs, Pearson

  • “Working with RocketSpace has re-confirmed to us how co-creation is the absolute key to successful innovation. We are truly grateful for the continued insight to the ‘new economy’ granted through this ongoing relationship.” Lee Brailey Global Head, Event Management, A.T. Kearney Limited

Want to advance your company's innovation?

Our innovation consultancy will help you partner with disruptive startups and will give you the tools needed to advance your internal innovation models. Come work with our experts and see why.

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