Marketing Director - Storia

San Francisco - Marketing, Growth, Social Media

We are looking for an experienced and talented Marketing Director to join our team in San Francisco, US.

The most important task you are going to do is called traction. Storia needs a person who knows how to provide our pretty and perspective digital product with dozens and hundreds thousands of users in a few next months.

This position assumes responsibility for the marketing and promotion of Storia especially within the local audience as well as managing the marketing department. We want to see a candidate capable to manage a team of marketers and apply creative approach to problem solving. From our side we are ready to listen to your innovative ideas and to provide full support.

The links to iOS and Android Beta versions:……

Skills and experience:

  • Successful experience in business or a product development.
  • Experience in working with partners.
  • Proven experience in growth management of digital products both web and mobile.
  • When talking ”viral’ you mean first of all ”K” and ”viral loop’’.
  • You clearly understand the difference between ’’retention’’ and ’’engagement’’ and know how to increase both of them.
  • You are a king (or a queen) of users acquisition through all possibles digital channels (viral, SEO, SMM, maybe SEM, etc.) and ideally you have your own secrets of traction which we are not able suspect about.
  • You support all your decisions with data from analytics platforms (statistics knowledge would be great but not necessary).
  • You are able to prepare marketing strategy and to persuade an audience that it’s brilliant.
  • Good understanding/experience of marketing technologies and marketing automation.
  • Established/strong relationships with the major marketing & media partners (fb, google, VK, twitter, media networks).
  • Knowledge and experience of the successful implementation of the entire range of modern marketing tools.


  • Perfect knowledge of both classic marketing principles and new growth techniques. Work with blog platforms or social networks is a big plus.
  • You can easy explain what admires you in Airbnb’s or Pinterest’s growth.
  • You are ready to implement your brilliant ideas by your own hands when necessary. That means you should be able to invent genius wording for emails, push notifications, etc.
  • You understand what it’s to work in startup and are ready to wear 100 hats.
  • You never stop after getting a result and are always thinking how you could improve at least on 1%.
  • Management team of marketers and clear alignment structures responsibility in the marketing department
  • You understand that SMM is not about ’’just brand awareness that can’t be measured’’ but about big share of web and mobile users.
  • You are smart, attractive, can listen to colleagues and are ready to cooperate and to help your team members. Assume overall responsibility for developing the annual marketing plan for the organization; for strategic market planning; market research programs; and control of the marketing budget.

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