Content Marketing Manager - BuzzBoard

San Francisco - Content, Marketing, Manager


The ideal candidate will have experience creating and managing a content marketing strategy that prioritizes quality over clicks, be comfortable managing a large and distributed team of in-house content creators and freelancers, an almost-perfectionist attention to detail, and strong communication skills. As a member of BuzzBoard’s Marketing team, you have the chance to build an intelligent, effective, and playful content marketing program to help people find a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive way to work.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Develop an innovative and effective content marketing strategy that’s as unique, approachable and fun as BuzzBoard is as a product.
  • Define and build out a compelling content library with top, middle and bottom funnel content that prospects and customers want to actually read (no crappy brochureware!).
  • Work with cross functional marketing team members to distribute content and set up nurturing programs across multiple channels (in product, blog, learning center, advertising, social, etc…).
  • Collaborate with the marketing and product teams to create content that serves everyone from die-hard users to people who’ve never heard of BuzzBoard (but really should be using it).
  • Examine and interpret data to find the most effective channels and topics for content.
  • The development of a functional content calendar roadmap with dates for each deliverable.
  • Manage, guide and grow a talented and knowledgeable team of writers, edit their work and help them in day-to-day decision making.
  • Uphold, maintain, and develop the voice of BuzzBoard across new platforms.
  • Prioritize your work and communicate those priorities to the many people who will want you to help them.
  • Know all the jargon, and know all the things that people who know all the jargon want to know but do not, in anything other than jest, use all the jargon.


  • Extensive experience in editorial or marketing, with history of developing effective content marketing programs.
  • Access to a network of brilliant freelancers, with a proven ability to commission and produce high-quality content.
  • Leadership / team management experience.
  • Understanding of BuzzBoard, its voice, and its users.

Please send your resume to apply.

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